We offer High Definition (HD) streaming machine tool videos
that assist purchasers make fast, informed
decisions about machine tools manufactured in Taiwan.
To watch full HD machine tool videos, your system requirements should be Pentium 4 with a 2Mbps
broadband connection or higher. Just click 1000K and enjoy High Definition Video information for all the
machine tools and components manufactured in Taiwan!
NB: In order to help you choose the optimum kbps for watching HD video, we suggest you test your
bandwidth at www.speedtest.net. How?

You must have at least Flash Media Player 8 or 9, or Windows Media Player 9 of to view HD machine tool videos. If you cannot or wish not to download these players, our system will automatically display a static version of the video - a series of photos of the machine from the video – much like a filmstrip.

The current video setting is 400K, but we suggest watching at 1000K. If your computer cannot process 1000K, by all means
upgrade! It will be well worth it – a virtual personal factory tour!
If you experience interruptions when viewing 400K or higher HD video, it means you do not have enough bandwidth. Simply
press pause and wait for 10 seconds or so to allow the video to load. Then press play and resume watching.
If the video you are watching at 400K does not download, your CPU is likely not up to standard. Simply click
If you experience fast loading, uninterrupted viewing at 500K, we suggest you view a higher dpi. Factory tours any time
24 hours a day, 365 days a year – with no airports and no jet lag!
Please allow 90 seconds for 2000K Full HD videos to load before watching.

Security settings

Computers set to the highest security level will not play HD machine videos from this website. Please check your security level if you cannot
view our videos.

To be able to view our HD videos, please follow these steps…
At the top of your browser window, select "Tools".
Select Internet Options at the bottom of the menu.
Select Security at the top of the window.
Click Trusted sites.
Click Sites and add our web address, http://*.machine-video.com/ in the space provided.
This service is intended to assist machine purchasers by combining High Definition video and internet technologies.
Watch 1000K Full HD videos for your virtual factory visit – without the headaches of business travel – for free! 24 hours a day and
365 days a year, we are here.

In less than three seconds from when you click a video, you can watch full screen 16:9, 2.07 million pixel ultra high dpi, HD
machine tool videos.

HD machine video displays the structure, features and functions of machine tools, we think they are better than
international exhibitions for viewing details up close.

We bring you inside every machine tool factory in Taiwan!
Let us bring you into the high speed, high precision era of machinery purchasing!